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Protecting Your Tresses

I’ve always relished an opportunity to get a new hairstyle. In fact, my hairstylist never knows what I’m going to ask for next. I always keep her in suspense. For the past few years, I’ve switched back and forth between two distinctly different styles. While I enjoy experimenting with my hair, the continuous processing I put it through is detrimental to my tresses. Therefore, I have to be careful to protect my hair. Every day, I apply a deep conditioner to my hair. I also dry my hair on a warm setting instead of a hot one. On this blog, you will learn how to maintain your hairstyle while protecting your tresses from damage.



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In Defense Of The Old Fashioned Barbershop

When was the last time you stopped in at an old fashioned barbershop? If the answer is "not recently" or, even worse, "never," then you are doing yourself a criminal disservice. This incredible institution had all but vanished from the American landscape, but it's once again on the rise as a new generation learns to discover its charms. Modern barbershops have begun to dot the urban landscape, and there are many reasons to consider stopping in for a visit next time you happen upon one.

You'll Experience Something Unique

Barbershops are more than just a place to have your hair or beard groomed, they are a unique slice of American life. They have remained an iconic establishment because chain salons have never succeeded in replicating the all-important experiential aspects. Since barbers are specifically trained for cutting men's hair and most cater heavily (although not exclusively) to a male clientele, the atmosphere and environment tend to be entirely unique.

Even better, nearly every shop has its own unique character. This comes not only from the way they have been designed by their owners, but also from the particular customers who frequent it week after week. While the particular atmosphere of any given barbershop may not be to every individual's taste, it is something worth trying on for size at least once.

You'll Have an Opportunity to Socialize

Part of that unique experience is the social aspect of visiting a barbershop. While many hairdressers enjoy a good conversation with their clients, barbers tend to prefer an atmosphere that has more in common with a bar or a club than a simple service establishment. Many still feature pool tables or arcade cabinets, and they encourage their customers to socialize and enjoy their time in the chair. After all, there's a reason that it was once common for men to frequent barbers several times per week.

You'll Get a Great Haircut

Of course, they're also a great place to actually get your hair cut. Barbers know their way around male hairstyles, and they can help you pick out a style that's perfect for you. In fact, one of the best aspects of many barbershops is that they are places where men can go to feel good about looking good. Barbers take pride in their work, and they want you to be proud of your appearance when they're done. This goes beyond just the hair on top of your head as well, and every man with a beard deserves to receive the barber treatment at least once.

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