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Protecting Your Tresses

I’ve always relished an opportunity to get a new hairstyle. In fact, my hairstylist never knows what I’m going to ask for next. I always keep her in suspense. For the past few years, I’ve switched back and forth between two distinctly different styles. While I enjoy experimenting with my hair, the continuous processing I put it through is detrimental to my tresses. Therefore, I have to be careful to protect my hair. Every day, I apply a deep conditioner to my hair. I also dry my hair on a warm setting instead of a hot one. On this blog, you will learn how to maintain your hairstyle while protecting your tresses from damage.



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Dry Skin? You May Want To Try The Oil Cleansing Method

Do you feel like your face is always dry, no matter what you do? You slather on moisturizer after moisturizer, use a creamy makeup, and be sure to wear your sunscreen — but your skin is still dry and flaky. Perhaps the problem is with your cleanser. Many foaming facial cleansers are actually very drying, especially for people whose skin is already naturally dry. These leech so much moisture out of your skin that even a good moisturizer can't compensate. Luckily, there is a better way to cleanse dry skin. It's called the oil-cleansing method. 

What is oil cleansing?

Oil cleansing involves applying oil to your skin, allowing it to dissolve any makeup and impurities on the surface of your skin, and then wiping the oil away. Since most people think of oil as an enemy to the skin — something that can cause clogged pores and breakouts — this idea may seem strange to you at first. However, the secret is using the right oils — ones that are naturally compatible with your skin and do a good job of loosening debris without settling into your pores.

What oils are used?

There are many premade oil cleansing products on the market, and you are probably best off choosing one of these since they are specially formulated to be face-friendly. Look for a formula that is advertised specifically for dry skin. (Oil cleansing can also be used by people with normal and combination skin, but products designed for these people may not be as rich or nourishing.) A good product will contain minimal ingredients and no added fragrances or dyes, as these can be irritating to sensitive skin.

If you prefer, you can also do oil cleansing with a pure oil. Many people with dry skin find success with olive oil, although you must be careful to use a high-quality, extra virgin variety. Avocado and jojoba oil also work well.

How do you oil cleanse?

To oil cleanse, start by applying a few drops of oil to your fingertips. Then, gently rub the oil all over your face, working in small circles. Keep massaging your skin until your entire face is damp with oil. Then, simply use a warm, damp towel to wipe the oil and any grime it has loosened off of your skin. Pat your skin dry with a dry towel. Your face should feel naturally moist, but not oily or slick. 

Keep up with oil cleansing for a few days, and you should notice your dryness start to fade. Most people experience the best results when they use facial cleansing oil twice per day.