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I’ve always relished an opportunity to get a new hairstyle. In fact, my hairstylist never knows what I’m going to ask for next. I always keep her in suspense. For the past few years, I’ve switched back and forth between two distinctly different styles. While I enjoy experimenting with my hair, the continuous processing I put it through is detrimental to my tresses. Therefore, I have to be careful to protect my hair. Every day, I apply a deep conditioner to my hair. I also dry my hair on a warm setting instead of a hot one. On this blog, you will learn how to maintain your hairstyle while protecting your tresses from damage.


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2 Things To Do To Stretch Your Professional Dye Job

If you have spent the time and money at a salon to get your hair professionally colored, you want to do everything you can to make sure that it stays looking as good as possible. You don't want to get your hair dyed just to have the color fade or disappear in a week or two. Here are some things that you can do that will help your hair keep its color longer. 

Color-Specific Shampoo

One thing you can do is to use a shampoo that is designed specifically for dyed hair. These shampoos will have gentler ingredients than you may find in other shampoos. Some of the harsher chemicals in shampoos can strip the color from your hair, which will fade your dye job and make your hair look bad.

Not only can you find shampoos that are specially formulated for dyed hair, but there are also shampoos that are designed to help boost specific colors. For example, if you dye your hair blonde, you may worry that it can look brassy, so you can get a shampoo that includes a toner to keep the blonde looking blonde. Redheads can also find shampoo that is designed to help keep that red hair dye on your hair. Red hair dye tends to fade faster than other colors, so anything you can do to help keep the pigment on your hair is good. 

Don't Wash Your Hair Daily

You have probably always been told that you should wash your hair daily or it will look bad or smell bad. However, that isn't necessarily true. Your hair may feel slightly oily if you don't wash it every day, but that's because the shampoo can strip the oils from your scalp and your hair.

But since shampoo can also strip the pigment from your hair dye, not washing it as often will help stretch your dye job. If you use a lot of product on your hair, then you may want to wash it every other day or so, but if you don't, then you can stretch washing a little further, if you want. If you are worried about what your hair looks like if you don't wash it daily, you can always put some dry shampoo in your hair overnight and let it absorb the oils and such, then brush it out in the morning. A side-benefit is that slightly dirty hair styles better and tends to look like it has more texture and body. 

If you love having your hair be all kinds of different colors, going to a hair salon will get you the best possible results. Doing a few things will make those results last longer.